Saturday, December 12, 2009

Photography Contest

So the photography club/class offered by our community schools program that I attend is having a photography contest. The winners of the contest will get to have their pictures displayed in one of the larger public libraries in our county. I believe there were 14 categories that you could submit pictures for and could submit upto 4 pictures per category. I submitted a bunch of pictures in different categories.

Here are the some of the pictures I submitted.


"Can you feel the love"

"Sunny day"


"Don't be Blue"

I can't wait to find out who the winners are. The judging will happen on December 20th. I hope that at least one picture that I submitted will make it to the library. This is the first time our class has been able to display pictures in the library. Then in November 2010 we will have the opportunity to display large format pictures (meaning anything larger than 8x10) and will have a lot more space available for us. I'll post more pictures from my submissions in future blog posts.

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