Sunday, January 10, 2010

10 of 365

So it did warm up today to a whopping 45° so I got to venture outside and get some pictures of the birds that hang out by our tiny little lake. So I thought that would be perfect for today's picture.

So just to show you how cold it has been here ....
So I got home from running errands today and his ears were cold so I took my scarf and wrapped it around his ears. He didn't care for it. He tried to swat it off with his paws and bite the scarf but he tolerated it long enough to let me take his picture ;-)


  1. Hehehe that is too funny! I think I need a doggie sweater for Stella. When we go out to do business she doesn't want to do anything and just sits there and shivers and cries...poor pup. You wouldn't know she used to LIVE outside all the time before I got her

  2. great shot of the bird. Poor baby. That is why I don't shave my Bandit in the winter. He would be freezing his butt off.