Saturday, November 20, 2010

Blog Award

I'm really behind in posting this .... thank you Grace!!!!

So Grace so graciously gave me the "I've got Attitude" Blog award.

I never thought of my blog having "attitude" but more of "inspiration" but I'm truly honored for this award.

To accept this award, I have to list three things that make my blog unique. Then I have to pass it on to five new recipients.

What 3 things makes my blog different or unique?

1. The name/content. Craftography = Crafting and Photography which of course are my two passions which I love being able to share with others to inspire them in their projects.

2. I use my cricut and gypsy (or Design Studio) on almost all of my projects.

3. My projects and designs are random. I haven't quite found a style that's "me". I love everything (well almost everything) that I create and love to share it. A lot of my projects come from my mind just from seeing a picture or color and I run with it.

And now for my five worthy recipients of this award:

Allison Goody Bag Diva
Nadia With Glittering Eyes
Theresa aka Treefrog Binky Designs
Okieladybug Okieladybug's Scrap N'More
LorraineB Card Creations by Lorraine

Thank you again, Grace. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments and love from all of my followers. Thanks for all the encouraging words!!!


  1. Well, first of all, congratulations!

    Second, how nice of you to list my blog...and to be among such great company!

    How cool! Thank you!

  2. congrats sweetie! :)

    i just remember i have to post mine yet....yeah! i am very bad with them. :(

  3. Hi Caroline, Thank You and I am so sorry it took this long to respond! (I actually though I had, oops) I am very grateful, truly I am and it is an honor to have you think of me! I will try and post by the weekend, it has been uber busy for me the last couple of weeks and even though that's no excuse it's the only one I have, lol!
    Thanks again, Theresa