Monday, February 28, 2011

Stamping and Embossing

So AllisonF from the cricut messageboard (you can also find her here ..... Allison's Blog sent me this stamp set

she said she wanted to see what I could make with it. So of course the wheels started turning and I'm having sooo much fun with it. As a matter of fact I'm having a hard time putting down my embossing powders. LOL

I made these three cards with this wonderful stamp set and have sooo many more ideas floating around in my head.

Thank you Card

I Love You Card

Hello Friend

White embossing powder
Versamark ink
Paper is scraps
Ribbons are scraps
Heat Set crystals


  1. Very elegant carda. I love the stamp patterns. I am thinking of ways I could use it already...must be contagious :)

  2. prettiest cards I have seen in a long time :)

    just beautiful!

  3. I love those stamps. beautiful cards! Where did she get them?

  4. Cheryl she got them from JoAnn's

  5. WOW! Theses cards look so simple yet very elegant.. love them

  6. WOW!!! Gorgeous. I always have specks all over after embossing...what's your trick to make it so beautiful??