Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I'm Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I know it's been a while since I posted anything here ... heck it's been over a year. Where have I been you ask? Well there has been so much going on over the last year and I just needed a break and unfortunately something had to give ..... my blog!!! But now that things have quieted down a little bit and after lots of encouragement from my friends I have decided that it is time to start blogging again and showing off my projects.

If anyone is friends with me on Facebook you may have seen my posts where I was selling my cricut and some craft items. I am still crafting actually more than I ever have but I have decided to make the move from Cricut to another cutter (Silhouette Cameo). I have seen on message boards and/or Facebook that people what to follow blogs that only show cricut projects or vice versa. Unfortunately I'd hate to lose any of my followers but would hope that you can use my blog for your inspiration and and be able to find ways to use what you have regardless of what machines/products we use.

I will be adding my design studio and gypsy files to my blog over the next few weeks for your personal use and will be sharing tutorials for using the Silhouette Cameo and Silhouette Studio as I continue to learn my machine.

I decided to make the switch to Cameo after I saw how amazing this machine truly is. It has opened up a whole new crafting world for me. While I did love my cricut when I had it and by no means regret having bought it or used it it just wasn't really meeting my crafting needs any further. I had my cricut for over 5 years and waited and waited for provocraft to come out with some more sophisticated images. I did love many of the images on cartridges but not everything needs a "cute" image. But after a while you get tired of waiting.

Also, if you remember Allison and I started Paper Craft Weekend Challenge to get all of us to use our supplies. Well everyone got busy and the challenges seemed to die off. I'm excited to announce that we are getting ready to start off the new year with lots of new challenges and looking forward to my followers to join in the fun.

I hope you will come back to my blog often for inspiration and am always willing to help you when I can. Feel free to e-mail me anytime. Now to leave you with a sneaky peak of a project I will be showing on my blog very soon.

Have a great day!

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  1. About time you got your butt in gear lady! Glad you're back :)